Boondock Saints

An older movie by today’s standards, The Boondock Saints offers a thrilling action/comedy adventure while incorporating deep religious themes and asking questions that will keep the viewer thinking.

The story centers around a set of Irish Catholic twins. After they killed three Russian Mafia soldiers in self defense, they experience what they believe to be a message from God to eradicate the filth of the city, with guns.

The one thing I must caution you against is the language in the movie. A certain four letter word beggining with “F” and ending in “k” is used in at least every other sentence.

Rated R for extreme use of vulgar language, lots of blood, and sexual situations.


~ by Pickapok on September 17, 2008.

One Response to “Boondock Saints”

  1. I will put this movie in my Netflix queue.

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