Birthday Games

So my 18th birthday just rolled around (yes ladies, I’m legal), and I got quite a few good games to go with it.

Mass Effect: Bioware’s epic Scifi roleplaying masterpiece, it really shows how far the company has come since the Knights of the Old Republic. The dialouge is well scripted and flows smootly, making for epic interactive cutscenes and intresting situations. The graphics are spot on beautiful and the gameplay is rock solid.


The Orange Box: A collection of five well made Valve games. I honestly don’t see the appeal in the Half Life games, but Portal nad Team Fortress 2 both make up for it. Portal is a perfect fusion of dark humor, puzzling, and first person shooting. Team Fortress 2 offers the absolute best online multiplayer experiences I have witnessed to date (FYI I am a spy/engineer!)

Half life-6/10



Still Alive from Portal

Metroid Prime 3: Haven’t played it much yet, I’ll get back to you on it.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed: A massive display of power never before seen. However the gameplay often grows simple, with you finding a working combo and spamming it over and over again. The graphics are sub par, but overall this an enjoyable experience.



~ by Pickapok on October 3, 2008.

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