Fable II, day 1 (4 hrs play)

So I started on my game of Fable 2 today, and I did everything right until that fateful decission to hop into a carriage with a creepy old man. The good thing was, that needed to happen to continue the story. The bad thing was, the guy’s boss kills my sister and throughs me out the window of his horrendously elavated castle.

Well turns out all that good-will-towards men stuff I did in the beggining paid off as I returned to the “slum” of my youth to find the area had prospered because of my actions and the Sherrif even recognised me, saying he’d get me a 50% discount on all goods in the Old Bowerstone! Pretty good deal if you ask me! The only bad thing was they tore down my old shack and replaced it with beehives. The nerve of some people!

I began work as a blacksmith and managed to increase my skill a fair bit, earned some small amounts of cash. Then it was time to get on with my quest.

I took off for Rookridge from old bowerstone during the night and came across a wrecked carage and a man looting the corpses. Naturally, i assumed he was a bandit. He lived, and manage to convince me of his innocence, so I helped myself to the leavings of the poor, dead couple.

There were a lot of bandits up ahead, but I had taken the time to purchase a better gun while in Bowerstone and it served me well in sniping them from the cliffs. I encountered a Demon Door on this path (my second), and, to be quite honest, he didn’t sound that smart. Some nasty bandits had gone and destroyed the bridge that would have taken me straight to Oakfield, so I had to dive into the river below and find another way around. that way came through Hobbe cave. i probably would have found the place rather pleasing if it wasn’t for the axewielding midgets from hell shouting in their high pitched voices while trying to remove my head.

I finaly got to Oakfield to talk with the Abbot (which Theressa, the Gypsey woman who saved my life as a child, had been shouting at me to do for some time now), but apparently I wasn’t famous enough to accompany his rather large daughter on a sacred ritual.

So, in order to aquire more fame I went off and drove the bandits out of Rookridge. But was that good enough? Nope. Apparently taking out an entire bandit clan with nothign but an axe, a flintlock rifle, and a faithful dog is not fame-worthy material. Just what does a guy have to do to get noticed around here.

And then there’s the gargoyoles. Don’t even get me started on them. Somethign about their ugly demeanor and snide remarks about my masculenity and weapon prowess rubs me the wrong way. Good thing all it takes is a single rifle shot to prove to them shut how WRONG they are about my skills with a gun.


~ by Pickapok on October 22, 2008.

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