Day 6

So I managed to find the last Hero to be recruited to my cause, and my God he is such a prick. Every sentence I’ve heard come out of his mouth so far has been demeaning or self glorifying. Not exactly what one would expect from a “Hero.”

After battling my way through several spire guards to activate a portal, finding myself kidnapped by slavers, and then being set upon by Banshees, balverines, and the undead, I find this Pirate King called “Reaver” posed heroicly in his lavishly decorated mansion in bloodstone. He hardly moves an inch as a sculptor begins to carve his likeness. After a brief chat, he throws me out saying I am not nearly famous enough for him to be “associated” with me.

I stranded myself in a lawless town for this?


~ by Pickapok on October 28, 2008.

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