Day 7

Reaver has to be the hardest person to please. Ever. The first guy I happened upon that looked like he was needing help was a poor sap in the local pub, claiming he had heard the ghost of the long dead Captain Dread in a nearby cave. So, being the goodhearted fellow that I am, I agreed to investigate.

What I expected was a lesurely stroll through some old cave with a few wooden structures here and there. What i got was a horde of angry ghost pirates out for my blood and a ten foot zombie captain. Not exactly a pretty sight. One of my first stunning realizations was that this pirate captain could use Will, which meant he was from the age of Heroes. Wonderful, well two can play at that game. A pity my fireballs merely skidded across his flesh err, bones.

So, after making sure that the honorable captain was dead for good, I comandeered his ship,  picked up a crew in Bloodstone, raided, pillaged, plundered and
otherwise pilfeed my weasely black guts out.

Or, thats what I would have done if the ship wasn’t enchanted to opnly be able to go one place. It took me to an odd island with a seemingly impossible pool at the center fed on all sides by waterfall and yet never overfilling. A long, strenuous search of the island yielded a total of 15,000 gold. Not a lit sum, but nothing to be proud of for such a notorious pirate.

Well, even if the gold was a little bit of a letdown in size, it made for a good story and got me a nice chunk of renown.

So, after all this and running a sham of a con artist out of town, Reaver finnaly determined I was worthy to have an audience with him. The prick.


~ by Pickapok on October 30, 2008.

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