Day 6

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So I managed to find the last Hero to be recruited to my cause, and my God he is such a prick. Every sentence I’ve heard come out of his mouth so far has been demeaning or self glorifying. Not exactly what one would expect from a “Hero.”

After battling my way through several spire guards to activate a portal, finding myself kidnapped by slavers, and then being set upon by Banshees, balverines, and the undead, I find this Pirate King called “Reaver” posed heroicly in his lavishly decorated mansion in bloodstone. He hardly moves an inch as a sculptor begins to carve his likeness. After a brief chat, he throws me out saying I am not nearly famous enough for him to be “associated” with me.

I stranded myself in a lawless town for this?


Day 5

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My God, I feel like a horrible parent. I take off one day to fight in the Cruicible (an arena of sorts), next thing I know they ship me off to the tattered Spire for a lifetime of servitude. I only managed to escape after ten years, with a mage named garth in tow. I got home and there she was, ten years old. My daughter. I can’t believe I missed out on her growing up.

This is truely a landmark in the game for me. I actually feel something for the various characters I am involved with. I love my wife and my kid, I am deeply attached to my dog, and I can’t stand the sluts who waltz right into my house while I’m eating dinner and ask me for sex. Often times now, a group of kids will gather around me and start clambering for autographs and tricks and treats and things like that. I stop what I’m doing and take the time to play my lute or give them a sock puppet show. This is a phenominal game simply in the fact that it has gotten me to care on such a personal level.

That being said, I’m off to see my daughter.

Day 4

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Bought more houses, freed some slaves. I found a nice house in Bowerstone to live in, and I moved in with family in tow. I just wish random women wouldn’t appear in my house from off the street and proposition me for sex. Gets on the my (and the wife’s) nerves after awhile.

I also picked up a shiny new sword. A really shiny new sword. It’s a lot faster then my old Hammerthyst, and a lot more functional as well. I also picked up a shiny new gun, which is also cool but not as cool. I’ve become a pretty decent marksman and can now shoot weapons out of my oponnents hands.

Fable II day 3 (1 hour)

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Gave my little girl her first teddy today, as well as renovated the house. Looks a lot nicer now.

I went to go look for the Hero of Will, but wouldn’t you know that Lucien got there first? Honestly, that guy is a real pain.

Not much else to report on today. Still saving for a new house to rent.

Fable II, day Two (3-4 hours gameplay)

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Ladies and gentleman, it’s official. I am married to a beautiful woman by the name of Alex and we have a beautiful bouncing baby girl. That is, in the game of course. The story of how we met is actually kind of intresting, but I’ll get to that later. The point is I’m a father!

Of course, that means a step up in work. I bought another stall and started renting out my caravan. The house we live in was a gift from a Demon Door, which was a very nice gift indeed.

Finally got around to recruiting a new hero to my cause, that large Abbot’s daughter I mentioned earlier. her father was killed shortly after we completed the ritual and she swore to avenge his death. Makes my job that much easier I guess…

Went into Bowerstone to put in more time as a blacksmith. I was getting lonely and I, well, had relations with another woman. I admitedly feel a bit guilty about cheating on Alex, but I don’t think she’ll ever find out. Not that that’s any excuse, of course!

I’m fed up with these measely market stalls. I’m going to try and buy a house tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.

Fable II, day 1 (4 hrs play)

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So I started on my game of Fable 2 today, and I did everything right until that fateful decission to hop into a carriage with a creepy old man. The good thing was, that needed to happen to continue the story. The bad thing was, the guy’s boss kills my sister and throughs me out the window of his horrendously elavated castle.

Well turns out all that good-will-towards men stuff I did in the beggining paid off as I returned to the “slum” of my youth to find the area had prospered because of my actions and the Sherrif even recognised me, saying he’d get me a 50% discount on all goods in the Old Bowerstone! Pretty good deal if you ask me! The only bad thing was they tore down my old shack and replaced it with beehives. The nerve of some people!

I began work as a blacksmith and managed to increase my skill a fair bit, earned some small amounts of cash. Then it was time to get on with my quest.

I took off for Rookridge from old bowerstone during the night and came across a wrecked carage and a man looting the corpses. Naturally, i assumed he was a bandit. He lived, and manage to convince me of his innocence, so I helped myself to the leavings of the poor, dead couple.

There were a lot of bandits up ahead, but I had taken the time to purchase a better gun while in Bowerstone and it served me well in sniping them from the cliffs. I encountered a Demon Door on this path (my second), and, to be quite honest, he didn’t sound that smart. Some nasty bandits had gone and destroyed the bridge that would have taken me straight to Oakfield, so I had to dive into the river below and find another way around. that way came through Hobbe cave. i probably would have found the place rather pleasing if it wasn’t for the axewielding midgets from hell shouting in their high pitched voices while trying to remove my head.

I finaly got to Oakfield to talk with the Abbot (which Theressa, the Gypsey woman who saved my life as a child, had been shouting at me to do for some time now), but apparently I wasn’t famous enough to accompany his rather large daughter on a sacred ritual.

So, in order to aquire more fame I went off and drove the bandits out of Rookridge. But was that good enough? Nope. Apparently taking out an entire bandit clan with nothign but an axe, a flintlock rifle, and a faithful dog is not fame-worthy material. Just what does a guy have to do to get noticed around here.

And then there’s the gargoyoles. Don’t even get me started on them. Somethign about their ugly demeanor and snide remarks about my masculenity and weapon prowess rubs me the wrong way. Good thing all it takes is a single rifle shot to prove to them shut how WRONG they are about my skills with a gun.

Announcement: Changing the topic of my blog

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As of today I am changing the topic of my blog to something I can update on a little more often. Starting tomarrow, I will be blogging on my experience with the game Fable2. i will try and update everytime I have a chance to play, which whould up the frequency of the posts by quite alot.

I’ll still provide posts on the original topic ocasionally, but don’t expect to see very many!